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I was previously a youtube pooper back in late 2007 using low grade software. However, I have returned under the new name with more powerful media editor!

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Poop Upstart

Given on by tabull

Submitting 5 videos to the Video System

Poop of the Month

Given on by Dark Fox

October 2016, the "I put the video in the wrong section so DF could personally grant me this award" award.

Strike None

Given on by Whelt

For staying strike free for 1 year.

The Poop Scoop

Given on by Biodegradable

For being a part of the Recommended YouTube Poops of October & November 2016
& April 2017

Runner Up

Given on by Whelt

Top 10 Videos of Dec 2016 (Sentence mix-core)

It Looks Like a Clarinet

Given on by ravinrabbid123

For participating in the Youtube Poop Secret Santa event of 2016

Forum to Flesh

Given on by Joosh

For meeting NationOfOranges696!