Who are you?

I go by "Alpha," but I've also called myself Sigma, Gamma and Omicron. It'd be apt to say that "Alpha" is short for "Greek Alphabet." I've always been fascinated by the various meanings the world has prescribed to the Greek letters throughout history, and I think they're vastly underrepresented in places like fraternities, where they're tossed around like tennis balls without any real regard for what they mean. It's also a handy way of keeping myself fairly obscure - they're more or less the internet pseudonym equivalent of calling yourself "John Smith" or "Mary Sue." There are at least twenty or so people who have confused me for another Sigma at one point or another.

No, seriously, who are you?

Just a wanderer of the web with too much time on their hands.

What is the point of this site?

This is where I keep some of the stuff I've written, and maybe some other stuff. There's a forum here, too, I guess.

What does FTLFW stand for?

The Forum metatext says it stands for "Faster than Light Forum Write" but I don't really believe that and neither should you.

Sprite comics? In current year???

Bite me.

I'm here from the YouChew archive and...

That's nice. Forward your praise or complaints to the tech support discord. If you were part of the site and want your name scrubbed, I'll try my best to remove any personally identifying information. I won't be able to remove your posts, however. Sorry about that.

The archive is just one part of my site, and the age of YouChew is over. Now is the era of FTLFW. Go read some of my stuff.