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We're finally back from the dead. A whole host of unspeakably hideous behind-the-scenes issues went on with our network infrastructure for the better part of a year, and while we unfortunately didn't accomplish our goal of switching to a less expensive ISP, we've at least restored the site to operational capacity.


. There's now an archive of a dead forum called YouChew. Maybe you're here because of it!

. The official FTLFW forum is on indefinite hiatus because I'm an awful trashbag of a human being who can't build communities for shit. Also because nobody was using it.

. Some static pages now have FAVICONS. Others don't. This is because FAVICON PROPAGATION is an arcane and mystical art that nobody really seems to understand.

. All pages are now designed with 4.13% more FRUITY GRAPE SENSATION.

- Alpha

02/03/19 - Mostly nominal?
Finally updated the forum software, so registration should be fixed now. Still working on getting this page to be the default index; something in the way the Grawlix CMS works seems to have borked the way htaccess handles front pages. Either that or it's the server. Maybe both?

- Alpha

08/17/18 - All systems nominal
We're live! Mostly. This page is now the default index page as opposed to a file buried in the server, and the general look and feel of things is coming together. There's still a lot of tweaking left to do, mostly behind the scenes stuff.

- Alpha

06/23/17 - This is a test of the style sheet
Arglebargle this is a test of the emergency broadcast system please remain seated as we retessalate our Jupiternium Matrices and configurize this site for maximum browsing enjoyment

- Alpha