Much of the stuff I use requires that I give credit where credit is due. Some of the stuff I use includes requests from the spriters that their websites be linked. This section is designed to honor such requests, and like the Credits Compendium it is not an exhaustive list. It will be updated as and when I find stuff I've used with linkage demands.

This link is included out of respect for the dead more than anything else. It's the former home of prolific spriter Yoshi Ryu and a number of other sprite artists. Many of the images on the site are dead and lack sufficient backups.

There isn't any precise mandate or stipulation I'm aware of that requires me to link this site, but it's worth linking anyway. It's still getting updated to this day, and a decent chunk of the assets I use for backgrounds come from here. The gambling ads are worrisome, though. That's how SMBHQ died.

The SGXP is a community dedicated to (among other things) archiving and preserving the history of The Mystical Forest Zone, a defunct Sonic spritework community which contributed a great deal to the visual style of FTLFW. They've provided a modern centralized space for ex-members of the MFZ to socialize with one another, and are currently working towards providing a network for the discovery and growth of Sonic websites and Discord servers. While we at FTLFW aren't specifically laser-focused on Sonic content, we owe a great deal to the MFZ's content, and are proud to be affiliated with the SGXP.